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01 September 2011

Royal Hunt is getting ready to enter Andre´s NorthPoint Studio to record a new – yet untitled – album. Album´s expected to be released in November/December 2011 through Marquee/Avalon (Japan and SE Asia) and Frontiers Records (Europe), Frontiers/EMI (USA).

18 June 2011

Andre´s been working on new songs for the next Royal Hunt album: he describes the music as a "full-fledged return to that classic RH sound" which put the band on the map in the first place, all the way back in 1991.

02 May 2011

Our latest album – "X" – has been released on vinyl: same quality as "Paradox" - heavy vinyl with the color insert - but this time also as a gatefold. Limited edition (hand numbered copies).

05 April 2011

Royal Hunt contributed with one song to the "Rock for Japan" compilation CD: the original idea by the label "AOR Heaven" simply was to release a charity album and to donate all profit of the sales income of it to the Red Cross in Japan www.facebook.com/rockforjapan Marquee Avalon Records" decided on the similar idea and we'll contribute (with another song) to their compilation CD as well.

19 Marts 2011

For the first time ever: a Royal Hunt album on vinyl – "Paradox". Limited edition (hand numbered copies), heavy vinyl and colour insert.

03 February 2011

After repeated requests from fans and concert promoters alike, ROYAL HUNT and their former lead singer DC Cooper mutually decided to reunite in order to perform the entire "Paradox" (their first concept album from 1997) and several of "everybody's all-time favorite" songs from that period on a few selected dates:
April 18th – St. Petersburg, GlavClub
April 19th – Moscow, Mir Hall
April 20th – Moscow, HotDogs Club
April 23rd – Tokyo, Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball
April 24th – Nagoya, Bottom Line
April 26th – Osaka, Club Quattro

12 August 2010

"ProgPower USA X" DVD is now available.

08 June 2010

André just finished mixing two of the songs (played by RH during their set at ProgPower USA festival) for a future DVD release: "The whole process was pretty much stress-free… everything's been recorded properly due to the great local crew and some solid recording gear. A few hiccups here and there - unavoidable under certain conditions (festival = quick change-over etc) – didn't spoil the overall quality of this recording, making my job – mixing - relatively easy".

20 April 2010

Royal Hunt has signed a deal with Scarlet Records for the European release of its new album, "X". Release date – June 7th, 2010.

19 February 2010

A few words from André about RH´s new album: “It was my first time recording an “all-analogue” project – older instruments, mostly tube outboard, 2” tapes etc… even mixing down to an 1/2” tape machine was a challenge, but a very pleasant one J. There’s  certain magic over all that stuff and the way it affects your sound… the “warmth” of the final result is quite seductive. The best way to enjoy this album is – obviously - by listening to it on a vinyl, but even a CD (played on a decent system) will reveal the raw (and yet very sleek somehow) quality of this recording”.
On the songwriting process: “I’ve always been – and always will be – a fan of 70´s songwriting… a bit naïve but yet adventurous. For me it was a lot of fun working on songs with total disregard to contemporary schemes/formulas in rock music… quite a liberating experience, actually. Our set-up – back-to-basics instrumentally, with the limitation of having “only” 24 tracks to record to – forced us to dig deeper for the very essence of each song as well as pushing us to work much harder on arrangements and sounds… I couldn’t be more satisfied with the final result”.       

11 January 2010

Royal Hunt extended their contract with Marquee/Avalon Records in order to include their new studio album; set to be released on January 21st, 2010 throughout Japan and SE Asia.

04 January 2010

Royal Hunt have revealed the track listing for their 10th studio album, "X" , due later this year: Episode X (Arrival) – End of the Line – King for a Day – The Well – Army of Slaves – Shadowman – Back to Square One – Blood Red Stars – The Last Leaf – Falling Down – Episode X (Departure). All songs has been written and produced by André Andersen (see details on www.royalhunt.com)

17 September 2009

The band has been invited to play a one hour set at the biggest rock festival in Japan – Loud Park – on October 18th. The show will be filmed and broadcasted by one of Japanese national TV channels.

08 September 2009

Royal Hunt will be playing at ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta, GA on September 11th. Set list will be about 75 minutes long: The Mission – Never Give Up – River of Pain – The First Rock – Message to God – Tears of the Sun – Back to Square One (song from the upcoming album) - Far Away – Last Goodbye – Martial Arts – Epilogue. The entire show will be filmed for eventual later DVD release.

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