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01 September 2009

Once again instrumentals “Martial Arts” and “Triumph” – due to extension of the existing licensing agreements - were certificated as “the most earning tunes in electronic games in Japan”.

14 August 2009

André has extended his 18-years long partnership with Warner/Chappell Publishing for a minimum of three more years.

08 April 2009

Royal Hunt are entering the very final stages of preproduction for their new – tenth since their debut in 1991 - studio album (the actual recordings will start by the end of this month). This time the band decided to revisit their roots and incorporate some of the musical values of the 70´s into their songwriting as well as – in order to reinforce that particular atmosphere - employing mostly “retro” means of production (recording in analogue format exclusively being one of them).  Music has been described as “an interesting mix of what’s been tagged as Classic Rock nowadays (established by Kansas, Genesis, ELP´s earlier works and Deep Purple, Uriah Heep´s classics from the same era) and Royal Hunt´s trademark composition/delivery”. The album is expected to be mixed/mastered sometime during this fall.

11 October 2008

André started writing new material for yet another RH album – this time promising “an unexpected but a rather pleasant turn” into some kind of a “retro” direction.

05 October 2008

Keyboard Magazine (Japan) featured an exclusive, 6 pages interview with André (who’s been voted Keyboard Player of the Year no less than three times by readers of Burrn Magazine and other various publications in Japan) covering his long lasting carrier as a member of Royal Hunt as well as a solo artist/producer, gear talk and some tips and tricks from his “playing techniques arsenal”.

12 August 2008

The band has just played the last (as for now) date of their tour (see tour diary on www.royalhunt.com) which – according to fans as well as the press - has been one of the most successful ones in Royal Hunt's history. Almost 2 hours long live set combined equal portions of both "Paradox" albums plus a bunch of all time classics from RH's large back catalogue.

May 07 Greece, Athens/Gagarin 205
May 09 Greece, Thessaloniki/Milos Xilourgio
May 10 Romania, Bucharest/Club Fabrica
May 11 Bulgaria, Sofia/4km Party Center
May 12 Hungary, Budapest/A 38
May 13 Switzerland, Pratteln/Z7
May 14 Italy, Bologna/Nuovo Sottotetto
May 16 Belgium, Vosselaar/Biebob
May 17 Holland, Nieuw Vossemeer/Borstrock Rock Festival
May 18 Holland, Weert/De Bosuil
May 19 UK, London/Underworld
May 20 Spain, Barcelona/Sala La Nau
May 22 Poland, Warsaw/Progresja Music C
May 24 Russia, St. Petersburg/DK Lensoveta
May 25 Russia, Moscow/Apelsin Club
June 03 Japan, Tokyo/Shibuya O-East
June 04 Japan, Osaka/Shinsibashi Quattro
June 06 Sweden, Sölvesborg/Sweden Rock Festival
July 16 Denmark, Sønderborg/Mølleparken (w/Alice Cooper)
Aug.06 Denmark, Copenhagen/KB Hallen (w/Deep Purple)
Aug.10 Denmark, Odense/Arena Fyn (w/Deep Purple)

25 May 2008

"Gaishniki" (Road Patrol) TV serial - which Andre wrote and produced soundtrack for - reached No.1 on a "Viewers rating chart".

07 May 2008

Royal Hunt's World Tour starts today in Athens, Greece (see tour dates and tour diary on www.royalhunt.com) and will run in a more or less "non stop fashion" through Europe, Asia, Russia and Scandinavia until August 10th where the band will play their last show in Odense Arena, Denmark.

30 March 2008

Royal Hunt's entire back catalogue will be re-released this spring by Marquee/Avalon (Japan/SE Asia) and CD Maximum (Russia/CIS). All albums (Land of Broken Hearts, Clown in the Mirror, Moving Target, 1996, Paradox, Closing the Chapter, Fear, The Mission, Eyewitness, Paper Blood) has been re-mastered by André Andersen and Jan Eliasson at Audio Planet Mastering and completed with bonus tracks (except for live albums).

2 March 2008

André's been working for a while on a new project (yep, no rest for the wicked!) and this time it's a prime time movie thing for the TV channel "Rossia" – a 7 episodes police thriller "Gaishniki" – "Road Patrol" (produced by Yuri Volodarsky/AFL Productions). The amount of music in this piece is downright astonishing – check it out (should be aired sometime in May) and find some very familiar "licks" here and there :-)

24 February 2008

Royal Hunt's new album "Collision Course - Paradox II" has been released by:
Frontiers Records (Europe), Magna Carta (N.America), Marquee/Avalon (Japan and SE Asia), CD Maximum (Russia and C.I.S).
Track list: Principles of Paradox, The First Rock, Exit Wound, Divide and Reign, High Noon at the Battlefield, The Clan, Blood In Blood Out, Tears of the Sun, Hostile Breed, Chaos A.C.
The album has been recorded at André's NorthPoint Studio and mixed at Medley/EMI, Denmark (see studio diary at www.royalhunt.com).

21 January 2008

It's been a while since the last update but… albums don't make themselves (unfortunately) – especially Royal Hunt albums - and this new one's been quite a challenge.
"As I started writing songs I realized pretty quickly that this album is going to be rather "large scale" sounding… for whatever reason. After a bit of soul searching I figured out that it reminded me quite a bit about "Paradox" - our, probably, most "epic" creation from 1997. Alright, I wrote the continuation of the lyrical concept, added some bits and pieces from the prequel and… well, it took me 5 to 6 months to write it all and another 6 months to record; our most elaborate album to date, no comparison (add to that a few songs which I wrote/produced – in between RH sessions - for other artists and you'll see that I've been having a ball with quite a work load this year :-).
To say that I'm happy with the result is a huge understatement - it's a really nice piece of music which everybody in the band can be proud of"

20 March 2007

The "mini tour" is over – the band managed to make it everywhere by planes´n trains regardless of a snowstorm, which partially paralyzed Kastrup (Copenhagen airport). "It's been a hard one" – André smiles – "as the schedule has been pretty tight. On a blitz tour like this you can't sit and relax for a while after the show – there's another plane to catch in a few hours, so you better pack your stuff and start running. But the reactions we've been getting from fans make it all worth while – you're on stage, watching those smiling faces all around, feeling their appreciation … It's the best gift a musician can get – watching people enjoying his work : immediately, live, face to face. So I'd like to say thank you to all of you who made it to the shows, who made me feel so welcome … You are the reason why I keep on making music, so don't go away – there's a lot more of it coming your way this year!"

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