02 November 2012

A few words from André about "20th Anniversary – Special Edition" release:

"20th Anniversary Special Edition" is the first "best of" album which I truly support. All of the previous releases of this kind were initiated solely by record companies and – as I always felt that a compilation package should be somehow unique and preferably be released on a special occasion – I did not participated with any ideas regarding eventual content or other aspects of these releases. This album has been planned from the beginning as a celebration of the bands 20th "birthday" and for the very first time in our carrier we wanted to release something like this: after a dozen albums and a handful of tours it just felt right to celebrate these two decades of Royal rock with this "Special Edition". We carefully picked 25 of our best songs representing the evolution of the band through these past 20 years and re-mastered them slightly, we included a "93 – 97" DVD and even managed to complete yet another CD containing some of our "bonus tracks" recorded over the years… and to put some extra stuff on it as well. We re-recorded three of our previously released songs in an "unplugged" version – vocals, drums, bass and two acoustic guitars – yet in order to do this album even more "special" I wrote a completely new song… full production with all the bells and whistles, just as we usually do with our songs for a regular album, no shortcuts at all. With a great artwork to match this release is a big "thank you" to all of you, our fans, for 20 years of uncompromised support… who could have imagined it 20 years ago?! And yet here we are.

With gratitude and best wishes to all of you

André Andersen