21 July 2003

Another particular destination of the promo tour - Moscow, Russia. Andre spend a couple of days there, talkin to journalists and meeting the fans on the sighning session organized by RH`s new label in Russia - Art Music Group. Possibilities of establishing a couple of "master class" keyboard clinics - sometime next year - were discussed with the local KORG distributers.

10 May 2003

From 08 June 2003 to 14 June 2003 Andre will be Japan to promote RH`s new release - "Eyewitness". Lots of interviews, radio/TV appearances and performances/clinics are already lined up. Also, on request from M&I Promotions (Japan), he`ll be participating in editing of RH`s new video clip for one of the tracks from "Eyewitness".

05 May 2003

Royal Hunt will be playing on both "Gods Of AOR" festivals - 25 May 2003 in Bradford, UK and 27 May 2003 in Rom, Italy.
For details go to www.royalhunt.com

02 May 2003

While "Eyewitness" is on its way to the different record companies around the world (look for details on www.royalhunt.com), we asked Andre to comment on this new release : "I think it is a very diverse album - being a concept, build on the idea of "Headline News - like - thing", so I had an opportunity to mix and match different musical styles - from acoustic to jazz to gospel to neoclassical to progressive to nurock - to fit the issue of each song. At the same time it was a challenge to make them still sound like RH - with all those elements which our fans are expecting from us. The result is great - a lot of emotional ups and downs, plenty of musical variety, some nice - some weird - flow changes here and there, great musicianship from everybody involved... well, we`ll see how the reaction will be".

28 January 2003

The songwriting process of the new Royal Hunt album - working title "Eyewitness" - is almost completed. The actual recording will start at 10 Feb 2003 and will be carried on in three studios in Copenhagen : Media Sound, EMI/Medley and Mirand Studio. We got hold on some of the titles : Edge Of The World, The Prayer, Can`t Let Go and 5th Element.

3 December 2002

"Battle City" - title of the album which Wood Bell Corp. released today. "Martial Arts 2002" - now renamed as "Hard Crash" - is the first track on the album.

8 November 2002

"Martial Arts 2002" was mixed succesfully last week and now the master tape is on the way to the future production/distribution in Japan. The original tune became 4 min.3o sec long, featuring a brand new, atmospheric kind of intro and an extended keyboard solo - flashy, yet melodic - in the middle part of the song, not to mention a vast amount of rearrangements down the line. We`ll let you know the format in which the song will be published, as well as the actual date of it`s release.

18 September 2002

After several requests from Wood Bell Corp., Andre agreed to produce yet another instrumental track for the company. Wood Bell`s choice of the producer is understandable, considering the success of Andre`s two previous works for this organisation - "Crash" and "Triumph". The about 4 minute long song - working title is "Martial Arts 2002" - will be used as a theme melody by the Wrestling Federation of Japan and expected to be released as a single / EP of some sort in the near future. The actual recording will start in the end of october.

21 August 2002

Through the last couple of weeks Andre`s been working on some new material for the next Royal Hunt album. "Nothing is final at this stage" - he states - "just some very rough ideas, which I`m trying to organize in some sort of order - just to see if it will make any sense. The basic feel of it is very diverse - crossing over genres and styles while still maintaining that typical Royal Hunt vibe. It will take me another 4 - 5 weeks to figure out some kind of a structure for the album - until than it`s all fun and experiments". The album is expected to be released in the late spring 2003, so there should be enough time to toy around with ideas.

17 July 2002

Mixing of the "OceanView" has been completed at Medley/EMI Studio. After several hours of careful listening, Lars Overgaard (engineer) and Andre created a very intimate yet powerful sound, which compliments compositions and the actual playing perfectly. It creates an illusion of you being right there, close to the players and their instruments in a rather large - but not intimidating - comfortably sounding room. 
Majestic Ent.Inc. (management) and Warner Chappell (publishers) will receive their copies in a couple of days, so they can secure the album release through one of the record labels in the near future.

02 July 2002

The actual recording of Andre's contemporary classical, piano album "OceanView" took 5 days. The sound of the grand piano played in a "movie theatre-converted-into-recording studio" were captured on tape by Lars Overgaard (Andre's all time favorite engineer) during the first 3 days, while the last 2 days were used to work with the guest musicians : Soma Allpas - cello, Eva Vasarhelyi - violin and Rene Rieland - acoustic guitar. The final track list is :

Horizons - Martial Arts - The Autumn Song (feat.cello) - OceanView - Heather Waltz - Latin Affair (feat.guitar) - Third Stage - Arabesque - Hourglass/Time Will Tell (feat.violin) - Moving Pictures - 1000 Miles Away.

This is probably the most beautiful album Andre's ever made - true classical but innovative at the same time. This kind of music, while clearly appealing to the "real classical listener", could possibly grab the attention of a dedicated "rock fan" of Andre's - excellent melodies, ever changing structures and an over-all sans of high quality - in his piano playing, composing skills, production… An unexpected, but a very welcomed project, showing Andersen's diversity - again.

18 June 2002

"Black On Black" - Andre's second solo album - has been released today in Europe through FRONTIERS RECORDS.

09 June 2002

The Royal Hunt's tour is over - after 30+ shows the band performed in front of ca. 50 000 people, traveled through Europe to Japan, Korea to Russia and than some - time to rest? No, it's time to go back to this piano album. Some bits have to be re-written, some guest musicians had to be called to, rehearsals to be planned and studios to be booked. Who needs rest, anyway?

23 May 2002

Andre's second solo album - "Black On Black" - has been released in Japan today through MARQUEE Inc.

04 May 2002

An unexpected thing happened - keyboard player of PRETTY MAIDS (the band which ROYAL HUNT shared some dates of the tour with - check them out on the www.prettymaids.com ) had to leave for a short period of time, so Andre was asked to join PRETTY MAIDS for 4 shows in order to keep them on tour. ANDRE : "It was nerve wracking. I was learning their entire 1,5 hour set on the tour bus, just listening to their songs on my Discman - trying to remember the most of it and writing down notes. Doing soundcheck with PRETTY MAIDS, quickly smoking a cigarette, than soudcheck with ROYAL HUNT, back on the bus to listen to their songs a bit more, grab a sandwich, do a show with ROYAL HUNT, run backstage, have a drink, run back on stage and do a show with PRETTY MAIDS. I tell you, by midnight, then it was all over, I was on the bus sleeping like a baby while both bands were partying to 4 o'clock in the morning. But MAIDS are really nice guys, so it was a pleasure doing that - even if it was a bit hectic at times".

23 March 2002

IMPERIAL RECORDS (Japan) announced that they'll release Royal Hunt's Greatest Hits album by the time the band will hit Japan in the middle of May, during their "On The Mission 2002" World Tour.

20 March 2002

This tour will bring ROYAL HUNT to most of Europe, Korea, Japan and Russia - (see tour dates on www.royalhunt.com). There will be 12 dates together with another Danish band - PRETTY MAIDS.The rest - about 20 shows - will be headlined by ROYAL HUNT (incl. festivals in France and Korea). What about this gig in Russia, Andre? "Well, I have mixed feelings about that" - he smiles - "the fans are great, but the general organization in the promoters camp leaves much to be desired. It's an extremely tough job to make it all work over there".

11 February 2002

ROYAL HUNT started the pre-productions for their upcoming "On The Mission 2002"-world tour. Set list is quite long as the show will run for about 1h 45min and everybody - musicians and crew - look very exited while trying out songs, discussing the running order of the show and setting up lights. Andre's keyboard set-up became as follows : Roland D-50, Hammond XB2, Alesis Q6, Korg N10EX, Yamaha TG500, E-mu Proteus and E-mu FX. "It's very flexible"- he states - "so I can make my rig smaller or bigger,depends on the way we'll travel and the territories we'll travel to".

23 January 2002

We got hold on some of the titles from Andre's "piano-album-in-the-works" - Heather Waltz, Moving Pictures and Hourglass. The work is still in progress and, if you can judge by the bits we've heard so far, sounds really like classical music - rich, beautiful and passionate.

16 December 2001

ROYAL HUNT's latest album - "The Watchers" - will be released in a few days through IMPERIAL RECORDS (Japan), PONY CANYON (Korea), FRONTIERS (Europe) and CENTURY MEDIA (USA). The album was produced by Andre in his NORTH POINT STUDIO and includes some new tracks as well as some live recordings from ROYAL HUNT's previous tour (details on www.royalhunt.com).

By the way - happy birthday, Andre!

02 November 2001

Only a couple weeks after the last "Black On Black" session, Andre has been seen in the studio again! Here's what he had to say about it :
"I've always had a dream to record a pure piano album, but never had the time to do that. Now I have a couple of months off (until the next ROYAL HUNT tour - spring 2002) to sit down in front of the piano and work quietly - no drums, no loud guitars, no singers - something completely opposite to "Black On Black".I've had some compositions in my head for a while - just bits and pieces, you know - so let's see how it all will turn out".

15 October 2001

The last day of mixing Andre's second solo album - "Black On Black" - on the very private premises of the legendary SUN STUDIOS. This album turned out to be a very guitar driven, no-thrills rock affair with it's roots in the 70's tradition, but produced and executed by very current standards. Andre states : "This album is much darker and heavier than anything else I've ever recorded. Relatively simple guitar riffs, powerful singing by Ian (Parry) and some good melodies - that's the primary aspect of this piece. The lyrics are very personal, kinda describing some of the situations I've experienced or observed lately - a lot different from my last concept album with ROYAL HUNT, where the sci-fi story got put into some kind of a high-tech/sample driven environment with lots of progressive, complicated musical parts. "Black On Black" just rocks - end of story".

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